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Why is flamenco good?

  1. Flamenco reduces stress

  2.  Flamenco strengthens the musculature

  3. Flamenco improves body coordination and flexibility

  4. Flamenco boost self-confidence

  5. Flamenco is good for letting go of emotions

  6. Flamenco is good to develop our body awareness

  7. Flamenco improves our attentiveness

  8. Flamenco puts us in a good mood

  9. Flamenco improves the body posture

  10. Flamenco is good to develop musicality

  11. Flamenco is suitable for all ages

  12. Flamenco is good for the soul

  13. Flamenco is good for telling stories

  14. Flamenco is good for making new friends

  15. Flamenco is good to enjoy!!!!

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Amongst all the many benefits dances can give also a better body posture, improvement of the elasticity and flexibility and the development of your body awareness. In addition, practitioners of dance gain expressiveness.


The benefit of Flamenco goes beyond the physical, it helps to release emotions and relieve the tensions and stress of the daily life.

It can be practised at any age and is an engaging dance that promotes self-confidence.


During the class, the student develops musicality and rhythm.

They learn to move together with the music and to mark the beat with strong step and hand claps at the right moment. 


And all this can be done with a lot of fun, always!

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