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General terms and conditions

Inscription and cancellation

Inscription for a course, workshop, etc. is by e-mail: At the beginning of each school year you have renewed it. The inscription is valid for a whole school year (August - July). You can cancel your registration three weeks before the end of each trimester.

With the inscription the participant accepts the general terms and conditions of Renata Nunes Flamenco and confirms to have read them at the same time.

Trial Lesson

A trial lesson can be arranged with Renata Nunes Flamenco in any of the courses listed on the course programmed.  A trial lesson is free of charge. Exceptions are workshops and special courses.

Lessons times

Course dates will be announced at the beginning of the school year and can be found on the website. One school year corresponds, approximately, to 4,5 quarters with 10 lessons (adults) and 3 quarters with 13 lessons (children).

Special for children's course: The holiday periods of the city of Lucerne is applied, which you can see from the course dates.  During the winter, sports, spring, summer and autumn holidays, special flamenco workshops sometimes take place.


In the interest of all course participants, it is necessary for all students to attend classes regularly and, if they are unable to do so, to check out with me at an early stage. You have the possibility to make up missed lessons in other courses. The lessons can only be made up during the school year in which you are enrolled. Under you can find the timetable where and in which class / workshop what is taught.


Students and parents are encouraged to inform the teacher of any illness or injury. In case of illness (with medical certificate) the damage will be shared, i.e. 50% of the course fee will be refunded.

Payment of course fees

The course fees are to be paid at the beginning of the current trimester by payment slip. You will receive the payment slips two weeks before the beginning of the quarter.

Replacement of teacher

If a teacher is absent due to absence, illness, accident, etc., the course/workshop is continued with a substitute. However, the course can also be held temporarily by another teacher. Renata Nunes Flamenco reserves the right to change teachers during ongoing courses for organizational reasons. Renata Nunes Flamenco may also cancel or postpone a course for health or organizational reasons. The notification to the course participants can be made at short notice by e-mail and/or SMS/ WHATSAPP. There is no claim for reimbursement of course fees due to substituted lessons, change of teaching staff or postponement of a lesson.


For all courses/workshops and events organized by Renata Nunes Flamenco any liability for damages is excluded. The participant is obligated to provide adequate accident and liability insurance coverage. Renata Nunes Flamenco cannot be held liable for theft and loss of objects.

Dance room

Before each flamenco lesson, the floor is covered with a protective layer (linoleum or PVC). Before covering the floor with this protection, the use of flamenco shoes in the dance room is prohibited.

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