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renata nunes

Flamenco dancer,


& choreographer


A lifetime passion

"I started dancing when I was 10 years old and will remain doing that for as long as I can. Dancing is my calling, and Flamenco, my lifetime passion – the one thing I know I will be forever learning and teaching, and teaching  and learning, in this eternal symbiosis required by any art form, specially by an art form that contains such a complex combination of culture, music and tradition like Flamenco."


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Why is flamenco good?

  1.  Flamenco reduces stress

  2.  Flamenco strengthens the musculature

  3. Flamenco improves body coordination and flexibility

  4. Flamenco boost self-confidence

  5. Flamenco is good for letting go of emotions

  6. Flamenco is good to develop our body awareness

  7. Flamenco improves our attentiveness

  8. Flamenco puts us in a good mood

  9. Flamenco improves the body posture

  10. Flamenco is good to develop musicality

  11. Flamenco is suitable for all ages

  12. Flamenco is good for the soul

  13. Flamenco is good for telling stories

  14. Flamenco is good for making new friends

  15. Flamenco is good to enjoy!!!

Amongst all the many benefits dances can give also a better body posture, improvement of the elasticity and flexibility and the development of your body awareness. In addition, practitioners of dance gain expressiveness.


The benefit of Flamenco goes beyond the physical, it helps to release emotions and relieve the tensions and stress of the daily life.

It can be practised at any age and is an engaging dance that promotes self-confidence.


During the class, the student develops musicality and rhythm.

They learn to move together with the music and to mark the beat with strong step and hand claps at the right moment. 


And all this can be done with a lot of fun, always!

But, what is Sevillanas????

Sevillanas are a type of folk dance and music from the Andalusian region, found most frequently in Seville. It is a dance genre suitable for any age and gender, it is performed in couples, but the components of these don’t have to be of the opposite sex. The dance has four parts: first, second, third and fourth Sevillanas. All these parts have four base steps : "paseíllos, pasadas, careos and remate", but the dancer has the opportunity to create their own.

Sevillanas can be heard and seen in celebrations, festivals, parties, including the famed Seville Fair (Feria de Sevilla). Its music is quite simple, yet the songs deal with a wide variety of lyrics and themes, ranging from love to religion.

The dance dates back to around the 15th century and is believed to derive from Seguidillas, an older Castilian counterpart. Nowadays Sevillanas are the most famous folk dance from Spain.




Flamenco Lessons

In a welcoming and friendly environment, students of all ages and abilities (children, adults, amateurs or professionals) are coached to develop the body's movement, musical perception and performance skills through flamenco art.



Flamenco dance for adults

  • Tuesdays – 18.00– Intermediate I+II (60 Min.) 

  • Tuesdays - 19.00 - Bata de Cola I* (30 Min.) - *min. 2 years of Flamenco

  • Tuesdays – 19.30 – Beginners I & II Workshop (60 Min.) 

Dance for childrens 

  • New  Tuesday – 16.50 (4Y + 5Y) – Flamenco + Playing dancing (50 Min.) Soon

   Place: The Dance Center Luzern

               Grimselweg 3, 6005 Luzern



Bata de Cola

  •  Thrusdays – 20.00 – Bata de Cola II (90 Min.) -
     Palo: Solea


   Place: Flamencotacon Tanzschule

              St. Karli-Strasse 4 – 6004 Luzern




  • Attire for class? Comfortable clothes that allows the movement. For example: tank tops, leotards, tights, and track pants with or without skirt.

  • Shoes? Flamenco shoes are an investment for all. Only purchase shoes if you're committed to classes. For your first few classes you can wear closed-toe shoes such as dress shoes or boots with sturdy heels, or character shoes (it depends the number, I can lend you Flamenco shoes from my collection). Stiletto shoes and sneakers are no good. Call or email me for assistance.

  • How often should I attend class? The classes are structured in such a way that the student gets the most out of their experience if they attend once a week. To progress at a faster rate, I would suggest twice a week or some private lessons combined with the regular lessons.

  • Level? There are classes descriptions listed below for you to assess which level is best suited for you. If you're still unsure please call or email me. You are welcome to come and attend an experimental class before you take it.

  • Private/Semi-private lessons? I offer private and semi-private lessons to cater to your particular needs, whether it to mount or work out technique or choreography.

  • Recitals? Students are encouraged to participate in the annual end of the year school show. Student showcase what they've been working on throughout the year, dress up in traditional flamenco attire, and strut their stuff! But it is not compulsory.

Flamenco Shops


Lessons description

Introduction to Flamenco - Level I

For those who have never taken a flamenco class before, need a refresher, or have little to no dance experience, Introduction to Flamenco is the class for you. This class is an introduction to flamenco's basic elements by developing a solid foundation in its various techniques: floreo (hand movements), braceo (arm movements), zapateado (footwork), marcajes (marking steps), compas y palmas (rhythms and hand-clapping), giros (turns) and proper placement of the body. We also start to work the castanets technique. In this class we will learn the First and Second SEVILLANAS!




Beginner – Level II

The Beginner II is a continuation of the level I, but at a faster pace and with further elaboration. We review the basic elements by further developing your foundation in the various techniques: floreo (hand movements), braceo (arm movements), zapateado (footwork), marcajes (marking steps), compás y palmas (rhythms and hand-clapping), giros (turns) and proper placement of the body. We continuous with castanets technique. In this class we will learn the third and fourth SEVILLANAS.


Intermediate – Level I, II & III

The Intermediate is an improvement of what was worked on at the beginners' level. We start an introduction to more elaborate rhythms (12 compás) with a predominance of festive rhythms, with little or no interpretative load such as Joy. Initiation to dance structures.  In this level, in addition of the castanets is worked other accessories typical of Flamenco dance as fan (Abanico), Shawl (Mantón) and so on.


Intermediate I: Auf diesem Level erlernen wir Fandangos und Sevillanas mit Fächer (Abanico).

Intermediate II: Auf diesem Level arbeiten wir an Alegrías und Tangos, sowie an Sevillanas mit Kastagnetten.

Intermediate III: In diesem Kurs beschäftigen wir uns mit komplexen Rhythmen, zum Beispiel mit Soleá und Caña mit Schultertüchern (Mantón).



In this level we focus on more sophisticated exercises, combining technique, rhythm and interpretation. More complex dance structures and the meaning  of the dance within the flamenco culture.

As in this stage the student already has a good command of the technique, it is possible to start the improvisational work by means of exercises that facilitate fluency and free expression in the interpretation of the dance.


Bata de Cola

The Bata de Cola technique is taught in a simple and easy way to understand. To optimize your skills in using the Bata de Cola, we ll focus on the body awareness during the classes. In the first year CARACOLES is the choreography learned. The following years, some accessories are added. For example, a choreography Caña with Bata de Cola and Mantón or the choreography Guajiras with Bata de Cola and Fan (Abanico).


Dance for childrens

In a cosy and fun environment, the children are trained to develop their body movements and musical perception through flamenco art.

The focus is on developing concentration, creativity and social skills in addition to preparing a small choreography to be showed at the end of each year.


Flamenco for seniors

These specialized classes for seniors are tailored to those with little to no experience with flamenco dance. Experienced dancers in other genres are welcome to join. Students will be exposed to flamenco’s basic dance concepts, learn choreography, be involved in the creative process and have fun!


"Ich schätze Renata als Flamenco-Lehrerin sehr: Sie geht auf die Wünsche der Schülerinnen ein, gestaltet den Unterricht spannend und mit viel Humor. Man bekommt nützliche Feedbacks und wird gefördert. Ich lerne viel bei ihr und gehe immer gerne zum Unterricht." 

Fadhila Ladour

"Die Flamencostunde mit Renata macht sehr viel Spass! Sie versucht jeder Schülerin zu helfen, mit ihrem Körper Flamenco ganzheitlich auszudrücken und regt die Gruppe an, mit Freude, Passion und Selbsvertrauen zu tanzen. Die Stimmung im Unterricht ist ausgelassen. Renata organisiert hin un wieder  Auftritte, wo wir öffentlich unsere Freude und unser Können zeigen und entwickeln dürfen. Es ist eine Freude, mit Renata arbeiten zu dürfen!"

Regina Meyer





Lesson                  60 Min.         75 Min.         90 Min.

Abo                   CHF 220.-     CHF 255.-    CHF 310.-

(10 lessons)

One lesson       CHF   30.-     CHF   35.-   CHF   40.-

Private lesson   CHF   70.-     CHF   85.-   CHF 100.-


Lesson                                60 Min.               


Trimestral (13 lessons)     CHF 234.-          

One lesson                       CHF  25.-          

Private lesson                   CHF  70.-            


2 courses: 10% discount

3 courses or more: 20% discount
Family abo: 10% discount

Bata de Cola 


Price: CHF 315.- / 9 lessons (90 min.)

* For this course, the conditions of the Flamencotacón Dance School is applied.


Flamenco for kids

In a cosy and fun environment, the children are trained to develop their body movements and musical perception through flamenco art.

The focus is on developing concentration, creativity and social skills in addition to preparing a small choreography to be showed at the end of each year.


  • New Tuesdays – 4.50 p.m. (4Y + 5Y) – Flamenco+Playing dancing (50 Min.) Soon

Place: The Dance Center Luzern

           Grimselweg 3, 6005 Luzern


Lesson                                60 Min.               

Trimestral (13 Lessons)    CHF 234.-          

One lesson                       CHF  25.-          

Private lesson                   CHF  70.-            


Book a show

Are you looking for a flamenco show for a special occasion? Whether family and company events, club/ association or a Spanish evening - we will provide you with the perfect setting.

There's a series of different formats of a flamenco shows: those inspired by traditional sources in Andalusia or by modern pocket show.

Therefore, for hiring a show  or a performance, please contact us. It will be indicated the most appropriate format for the occasion, with various options for budgets, productions and casts.



Tanz & Rhythmus Workshops


Dance & Rhythm Workshop

Looking to add an exciting Flamenco class to your school, studio or gym? Renata Nunes has years of experience with instruction of flamenco dance and rhythms for adults, children, and seniors. We provide specialized workshops to fit all ages, interests and dance levels.

Would you like to teach your students about Spain and/or the origins of flamenco? Would you like your students to experience a flamenco dance class? Renata Nunes provides lecture-demonstrations and/or master dance classes for language, music, dance, history, and/or general classes at your school. These programs provide an interactive experience for your class with demonstrations of flamenco song, guitar and dance, history of Flamenco and culminating with student participation. School residencies with a final presentation is also available. The lessons can also be led in Spanish, English or Portuguese.





Renata Nunes Flamenco

Tel: +41 79 3140482​

(English, español, português, italiano & Deutsch)

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