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In 2000, I was living in São Paulo, Brazil, when I had my first contact with Spanish Dance. It was love at first sight and the passion I felt in my heart was so big that I decided to pack my things and move to Madrid, where I started taking classes at the renowned school Centro de Arte Flamenco e Danza Española Amor de Díos.

With Eva Yerbabuena a few years later, in Zurich

For 8 years I learned and grew as an artist under the watch of masters such as Ciro, La China, Inmaculada Ortega, La Truco and Maria Juncal. I also specialized myself in the intersection between Flamenco and Theater in "Elocuencia a través del Lenguaje", a course designed and ministered by Eva Yerbabuena and her team: Juan Ruega (theater director), Vicente Palacios (scenography), Florencio Ortiz (lighting), Gabriel Portillo (costumes), Amelia Perez (costumes and bata de cola ), Segundo Falcón (singer) and Paco Jarana (musical director).


While taking classes, I also immersed myself in the Andalusian culture and had the opportunity to start working as a dancer, teacher and choreographer in several places around the world. From Turkey (2009) to Japan (2003), passing by England (2001/2010), Belgium (2010) and Brazil (2009 - 2017) where, in different editions of the International Flamenco Festival, I was able to share the stage with artists like La Choni, Inmaculada Ortega, Fernando de La Rua and Yara Castro.

Due to my continuous learning personality, in 2016 I completed a post-graduation in Cultural Management, motivated, in great part, by the experience of creating and producing a project called Flamenco Calendar in Brazil, a photo essay where Brazilian Flamenco professionals and students posed in some of São Paulo's greatest landmarks. The first edition was such a success that the second one was crowdfunded by more than 100 people.

The Brazilian Flamenco dancer, Ana Marzagão, at Luz Train Station. Flamenco Calendar in Brazil 2014 - Photo: Luciano Munhoz

Since 2017, compelled by an urge to better understand body anatomy and keep investigating the intersections between Flamenco and Theater, I'm studying how the Klaus Vianna Technique (TKV) – a somatic approach to dance training developed by the contemporary dancer and choreographer Klauss Vianna – can contribute to the Flamenco learning process.

Currently based in Switzerland, I teach regular classes in Luzern and also work as dancer, choreographer and invited teacher in other locations, always learning and always teaching, in this lifetime passion called Flamenco.




2018 - Show "El compás que nos une", Luzern & Zürich

2017/ 2016 –Tablao* Stadtkeller, Luzern
2008/ 09/ 16/ 17 –Tablao* Arte Bar – Projekt von Yara Castro & Fernando dela Rua, Madrid
2016 – Aufführung „Inmigrarte“, Festival Arte Reunida, Zürich
2015/ 2013 – Festival Internacional Flamenco, São Paulo
2014/ 2015 – Feira Flamenca, São Paulo
2007 bis 2016 – Tablaos* Paellas Pepe, La Mar, La Bodeguita, Aman -  São Paulo
2010 – Fete de la Musique, Brussels
2009 – School of Arts Pera Sanatlar, Istanbul
2003 – Carmen Hall, Parque España, Japan

* Tablao ist ein Ort an dem Flamencoshows aufgeführt werden.


Lehrerin/Choreographin/Künstlerische Direktorin

2016 – 2019 – Flamenco-Tanzlehrerin in Luzern

2018 - Bata de Cola Workshop in Bern - Tanzschule "La Ursula"
2010 – 2016 – Lehrerin, Choreographin und künstlerische Direktion im Studio Ana Esmeralda und Espaço Flamenco CastrodelaRua, São Paulo
2016 – Choreographin von „Inmigrarte“, Festival Arte Reunida, Zürich
2011 – Auszeichnung zur besten Flamenco Choreographin – Festival de Dança de Parati, Brasilien
2010 – Lehrerin bei Centro Gallego, Brüssel
2009 – Lehrerin und Choreographin im Art Center Pera Sanatlar, Istanbul
2001 – Lehrerin an der Royal Dance School Gillian Carthwright, Isle of Wight





2018 - Co-produktion der show "Der Rhythmus der uns Verein", Luzern & Zürich

2013/ 2014 – Produktion und künstlerische Leitung des Projekts „Calendário Flamenco nas cidades do Brasil“, Brasilien

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