“Restlessness drives the desire for knowledge of the tradition, and this drive leads to constant research of the art”

Renata Nunes started studying classical ballet at the aged 10 in São Paulo, Brazil. 

After her first contact with Spanish Dance (Danza Española), Renata fell in love with flamenco and, in 2000, decided to move to Madrid to study at the well known dance school Centro Arte Flamenco e Danza Española Amor de Díos. There she studied for 8 years with teachers such as Ciro, La China, Inmaculada Ortega, La Truco and Maria Juncal. Alongside her studies in Madrid, Renata specialised in Seville with the renowned teachers Eva La Yerbabuena and Rafaela Carrasco.

While living within the Spanish culture for many years and deeply studying the Art of flamenco, Renata also worked as a flamenco dancer, teacher, choreographer and artistic director all over the world, in places such as Brazil (2009-2017), at Festival Internacional Flamenco and other projects where she shared the stage with artists such as La Choni, Inmaculada Ortega, Fernando dela Rua and Yara Castro; Spain (2008/2009/2016/2017); Turkey (2009), at the Festival Flamenco Pera Sanatlar; Belgium (2010); England (2001/ 2010) and Japan (2003).

As a part of her artistic profile, restlessness drives Renata to be an updated professional and therefore she is in constantly studies the body anatomy, dance, theatre and flamenco. Her most recent work was the experimental choreography InmigArte, performed at the Festival Flamenco Arte Reunido, in Zurich (2016), in which the flamenco dance talked with the music of Astor Piazzolla. In paralell, she has been developing a research about Klauss Vianna Technique for Flamenco. 

Renata now lives in Switzerland, where she teaches regularly in Luzern and also works as a flamenco dancer, teacher and choreographer in other cities. 

As cultural manager Renata oversaw the creation and production of the Calendário Flamenco nas cidades do Brasil (Flamenco Calendar in the Brazilian cities), with two editions (2013 and 2014) using the city of San Paulo as a backdrop.



2017/ 2016 - Bailaora at Tablao Arte Bar - Project by Yara Castro and Fernando dela Rua, Madrid

2016 - Choreography "Inmigrarte", Festival Arte Reunida, Zurich

2016 - Bailaora and choreographer  of the show "Más Cerca de Ti", Brazil

2016 - Bailaora at Tablao Punto Rojo, Switzerland

2015/ 2013 - Bailaora and invited teacher - Festival Internacional Flamenco, Brazil

2014/ 2015 - Bailaora and invited teacher - Feira Flamenca, Brazil

2013/ 2014 - Production and artistical director of the Project "Calendário Flamenco nas cidades do Brasil"

2011 - Best Flamenco choreography award - Festival de Dança de Parati, Brasil

2011 - Artistical director of the show Café de Chinitas, Estúdio Ana Esmeralda, Brasil

2011 - 2016 - Bailaora Tablao Paellas Pepe, La Mar and other tablaos

2010 - Bailaora at Festival da Música, Bruxelas

2009 - Bailaora, choreografer and artistical director of the Art Center Pera Sanatlar, Istambul

2009/ 2008 - Bailaora at the Tablao Arte Bar, Madri

2007 - Bailaora at the Tablao Aman, Brasil

2003 - Bailaora in the Carmen Hall, Parque España, Japão