Flamenco Calendar in the Brazilian city

The Calendar was an unusual way to bring the art of Flamenco to the public. It combined three passions: flamenco, photography and Brazil!

Inspired by the book Sevilha by JR Duran (with photos of Seville Feria), Renata Nunes proposed her students to produce a calendar with pictures of Flamenco´s dancers in the streets of the São Paulo.

First edition: Olé 2013!

To reduce the cost of this project and make it happen, a partnership was signed with talented professionals.

The bailaoras (Flamenco's dancers) were photographed in historical places of the city such as the Martinelli Building, Viaduto do Chá, Patio do Colegio and 15 de Novembro Street.

The result was extremely thought-provoking: not only the historical streets of São Paulo matched the Flamenco tradicional aesthetic, but also the modern areas city.

The Calendar was surprising: high quality, aesthetically pleasing and original!

Second edition: Olé 2014!

Following the success of the first edition, Renata Nunes carried on, but with a different approach: crowndfunding. There were more than 100 donations - from Brazil, Belgium, Italy and Spain - and partnerships were formed with 9 companies to make the second edition a reality. 

The Olé 2014! had, as its backdrop, some well known monuments of São Paulo, such as the streets of the Bairro da Liberdade, MUBE, Minhocão, Pinacoteca, Estação da Luz and Praça da Sé.

The Calendar was an unusual way to bring the art of Flamenco to the public.