Flamenco Summer Workshop

6. & 13. August - 18.30 →20.00 - Sevillanas + Abanico

7. & 14. August - 18.00 →19.30 - Rumba Flamenca

1. & 2. September - 15.00 →16.30 - Bata de Cola

Where: Industriestrasse 17, 6005, Luzern - Tanzraum Salsa Magica

Flamenco in Luzern

In a welcoming and friendly environment, students of all ages and abilities (children, adults, amateur or professional) are coached to develop the body's movement, musical perception and performance skills through flamenco art.

The aim is to find the flamenco in each person whilst respecting the tradition and technique of the art. In particular for the children, as well as preparing a small choreography at the end of each term, the focus will be on developing their concentration, creativitity, social skills too. 

At the end of the annual course, there will be a show, as tablao or theatre format, where a student can integrate and experience the tablao codes, stage make up, dresses and accessories and enjoy dancing!

On top of this, the person can enjoy improvisation spots, las juergas, typical of Flamenco parties.

The lessons can also be taught in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Private lessons (Individual or groups)

Flexible times available in Luzern and others cities

Methodology focused on the student(s) interest

Creation of choreography for both amateurs and professionals